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Crude Benzol

Crude Benzol
Crude Benzol
Product Code : CB 03
Product Description

The commonest way of reclaiming Crude Benzol from gasoline is to wash the oil absorption. Multi-stage countercurrent absorption method is adopted to achieve 90% ~ 96% of the recovery rate. Absorption temperature is not higher than 20 ~ 25 ℃. The after-cooling gas contains 25 ~ 40g / m 3 crude benzene, which enters the crude benzene absorption tower, where the wash oil is sprayed, gas flows from top to bottom, gas and wash oil go through counter-current contact. Finally wash oil become rich crude benzol wash oil by absorbing crude benzene; rich oil gets rid of the absorbed benzene to become lean oil, which, through absorbing benzene in wash oil benzene tower, becomes rich oil. Rich oil contains 2~2.5% benzene, while lean oil contains 0.2~0.4% benzene. The proper way for the rich oil to get rid of benzene is steam distillation. After prewarmed to 135~140℃, the rich oil enter again benzene-off tower, from the bottom of which the steam flows in under common pressure of 0.5~0.6Mpa; or the rich oil is heated by tubular furnace to 180℃ and then enter the benzene-off tower.